Keys to a Healthier Work-Life Balance


Dear Busy, Stressed Out Couple, and anyone who wants to learn how to balance the demands of life with the joys of marriage.

Are there way more tasks to get done in a single day than you have hours for? Tired of the quick peck before darting off to work being the most “intimate” time you have with your spouse? If so, this course is for you!

Are you and your spouse mostly problem-free but still somehow lack the connection that you want? Does it seem like the friendship you used to know has dwindled out some? If so, this is for you!

Do you feel like if you just had a little more time to spend together, or had some way to make your life less busy you could feel less stressed and more energized for your spouse? If so, this course is just what you need.

Imagine if you could learn a few tricks to add some time to your day…


I’m not talking about a 30-hour day, of course. I’m talking about actually feeling like you and your spouse have more time for one another.


Don’t just think about having more time with one another, but imagine having more VALUABLE time together with better communication and less conflict.

And, better communication and less conflict almost always means more intimacy. Who wouldn’t want that?!

In our special e-course, “Keys for a Healthier Work-Life Balance,” you’ll learn how to add valuable, conflict-free time to your day so that you and your spouse can feel more connected.

This video course is perfect for any couple who is doing fairly well, but needs a little boost in their marriage.

All you really need is a good internet connection and something to watch the videos on.

Here’s what you’ll get in your 3-lesson video course.

Lesson 1: 

*Setting priorities in your marriage and following through with them.
*Common ways our connection time is stolen from us and how to take it back.
*How to use pockets of time more efficiently even if you have kids at home.

Lesson 2:

*We’ll define boundaries and talk about why lack of boundaries makes couples unhappy.
*Learn how to set reasonable boundaries that improve your marital satisfaction.
*The “backward approach” to setting yourselves up for success, i.e. start with the end in mind.

Lesson 3:

*Learn why you sometimes clash over certain topics so you won’t keep having that problem.
*Find out what’s most important to you and your spouse so you can focus your relationship energy.
*Understand how to set reachable goals in your marriage.

In this course, you’re getting just over an hour (and almost 20 minutes over the clinical hour) from two licensed therapists! If you were sitting in their office for 45 minutes of team-teaching, it would cost you $200. But, this course, with just over an hour of content, is coming to you for only $47!

That’s right. Just one payment of $47!

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If you’ve been looking to improve the quality of your relationship but have felt pressed for time or money – this is your golden opportunity!

This self-paced course will be available immediately for you to work on at your leisure. Grab yours today for lifetime access (including all future updates!!!) Your price will never go up and you will never be charged for content that is added (but you will have access!)

Do your marriage a favor and grab your course now!


Legal disclaimer: We have made every effort to truthfully portray what you will receive with the purchase of this course. Once you buy this it’s all yours. It cannot be unseen or returned, therefore, to buy and later receive a refund violates digital copyright laws. Asking for a refund is like attending a college class or sitting in on a therapy session and then asking for your money back at the end. There is inherent risk, but the likely value outweighs the risk. And, while we can’t refund your money, if you are not satisfied with this product call us and let us know why. We’ll do what we can to make it up to you.

So…are you ready to add some balance to your life and improve your marriage? Get the course now!

Just $47!
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Dr. Jessica McCleese is a wife, a licensed psychologist, and a sexual educator with specialized training in sex therapy who works with Christian couples looking to improve their marriages and their sex lives using biblically-based principles. Jessica serves on the advisory board for Millennials for Marriage, is an educator through the Christian Association of Sexual Educators, and a licensed psychologist at her private practice in Norfolk, VA. She has a unique ability to connect with others and lead them through practical steps they can take to see improvements in their marriage and currently serves people internationally through her work at